Please contact the funeral home of your choice and they will contact the parish to start the process of arranging and scheduling a date and time for the funeral.

One of the most sensitive times in people’s lives is the loss of a loved one. Despite our Christian belief in the resurrection of the dead and life everlasting purchased for us by Christ and promised to us in baptism when we are given life in Christ’s own death and resurrection, the physical reality is that of final separation from a loved one and an irreversible loss. When someone dies, those family and friends left behind all grieve in different ways. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Everyone grieves their own way and their own pace.

The selected funeral home will collaborate with you and the parish to coordinate your funeral liturgy. A representative from the Parish Bereavement Team will meet with you to assist in organizing the Funeral Mass. You will select the first and second readings, as well as the songs for the Funeral Liturgy. Additionally, you will choose one Old Testament reading (C1 to C7) and one New Testament reading (E1 to E15) from the available options. The catalog of sacred music and readings can be found using the buttons on the right.

Please Note: from Easter Sunday to Pentecost, there is no Old Testament reading. The first reading is chosen from C8 to C11).

Family Resources

Bereavement Ministry

After a death, we all need the support, care, prayer, and the love of our church friends and family. The Bereavement Minister not only meets with the family to arrange the Funeral Liturgy and express the sympathy of the parish, but also attends the wake and the funeral when possible.

The minister also follows up with monthly mailings for one year which contain material to help in the grieving process.

For more information or to become a part of this ministry, please call Deacon Larry Fudacz at 630.323.4333 Ext. 104 or [email protected]